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PPW Licensing

About Us
  • Promotional Partners Worldwide ("PPW") aims to be the premier full-service promotional marketing agency worldwide that delivers effective, innovative promotional solutions for its clients. Through the use of unique creative ideas and popular licenses, innovative premiums, vertically integrated services and logistics, and the commitment of our staff, PPW is dedicated to serving every client's project no matter the size or scope.
  • Promotional Partners Worldwide, established in 1992, is one of the largest and most successful promotional agencies in the world. Headquartered in Hong Kong and with offices and agencies all over the world, we are a global company offering fully integrated marketing promotional services.
  • Our Worldwide Network currently covers Greater China, South East Asia, North America and South America. Each regional office is able to draw from a multitude of worldwide resources, including creative, manufacturing, and marketing support.
  • We have strongly found relationship with world-renowned licensors such as Warner Bros., Disney, Sanrio, Lucasfilm, Sony Pictures, Marvel, Universal Studios etc. In addition, we have extensive experience in license representation, branded retailing as well as premium design and manufacturing.
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